Leadership Development

IVI leadership initiatives inspire and train optometry professionals to take up a leadership role in achieving excellence in eye care education and practice. The programs provide a holistic view of the eye care scenario in India and worldwide to the participants, help develop leadership skills, provide mentorship and networking opportunities; thus equipping them with necessary skills and enthusiasm to make a difference in the Indian vision care scenario.

»IVI Online Series for Institutional Development

The online series focussing on heads of 17 Optometry institutions from across India, aims to facilitate aims to create awareness among head of optometry institutions on the strategic areas of optometry school development and understanding the perspective of ‘holistic development’ to build up their institutions.

IVI acknowledges the support of Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Optometry Giving Sight in funding the program.

•   IVI Online Series for Institutional Development - Series Completion

•   Session VIII – Partnerships and Networking

•   Session VII - Research: An Approachable Territory

•   Session VI - Constituents of an Educational Institution: a case study

•   Session V - Faculty and Student Development – Developing Support Systems

•   Session IV - Leadership and Management

•   Session III - Quality Assurance and Regulatory Bodies in India

•   Session II – Optometry School Development – Academic Perspective

•   Session I - Optometry School Development- Global Perspective

»Young Leaders Program (YLP)

IVI Young Leaders Program aims to motivate and train young eye care professionals to take up a leadership role in advancing optometry and eye care delivery in India. Given the sheer magnitude of challenges in eye care delivery in India, the program equips participants to approach challenges with a fresh perspective. The year-long program comprising a series of three workshops was launched at Hyderabad in April 2013. The participants also take up group projects promoting Optometry in India.

•   Young Leadership Program VII 2022

•   Young Leadership Program VI 2020 - 2021

•   Young Leadership Program V: 2017 -18

•   Young Leadership Program IV: 2016 -17

•   Young Leadership Program III: 2015-16

•   Young Leadership Program II: 2014-15

•   Young Leadership Program I: 2013-14