Who we are

India Vision Institute (IVI) is a not-for-profit registered trust with a vision to promote excellence in vision care delivery in India.

IVI initiatives focus on supporting research, education and technological developments to advance Indian capacity in vision correction and prevention of eye disease and blindness. They also aim to obtain resources in order to promote research, entrepreneurship, technological achievements and commercialization to attain a premier level of basic and advanced eye care services and products in India.

Preventing ‘preventable’ blindness through timely intervention remains a key priority for IVI. Many people from underprivileged communities across South India including children, have benefited and continue to benefit from the IVI Vision Screening Program sustained through two successful IVI campaigns. The IVI Eye See & I Learn and Eye See & I Work initiatives raise resources to provide free spectacles that enable children to perform better in school, and adults to work to their full potential becoming active contributors to India’s growth.


India Vision Institute will act as a catalyst to help India achieve socially responsible, high quality vision care and an industry that can support:

Excellent eye care available to all
State of the art Indian Optometry
Excellent eye care education
International leadership in cutting-edge vision care research and development
Viable Indian vision care and optical industry, playing a substantial part in global eye care

Aiming towards holistic development of eye care delivery, IVI conducts strategic programs in the following focus areas:

Awareness generation about eye care and Optometry
Human Resource development in Optometry to bridge the gap between demand and need
Leadership development for efficient delivery of Optometry and eye care service in India
Research promotion to develop Optometry as an advanced discipline for better eye care services
Outreach initiatives to meet the eye care needs of the underserved and economically disadvantaged communities