Awareness Campaigns

Public perception of eye care and the role of Optometrists in reducing avoidable blindness are both issues that need to take a significant leap in the country. Spreading this message through innovative and inclusive campaigns that highlight the importance of eye care and vision correction, the role of Optometrists in eye care delivery, and the need for due recognition of Optometry as a specialist profession in eye care delivery have been key focus areas for IVI.

» Wizard of Oz Show - Ollie The Optometrist

Ollie the Optometrist, a global mascot for Optometry and eye care was launched during the two-city tour of the specially commissioned popular musical version of The Wizard of Oz to raise awareness about the important role Optometrists play in eye care delivery and stopping ‘preventable’ blindness. The musical was directed by Brian Laul a Sydney-based director, based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a children's novel written by L. Frank Baum.

•   Better sight for 10 crore Indians says Ollie the Optometrist

» Times Education Boutique

The IVI Opt for Optometry initiative is an interactive platform that provides an opportunity for Optometry institutions to promote Optometry as a rewarding career, encouraging high school students to pursue an education in Optometry. IVI supports participation at Career & Education Fairs across India to promote Optometry, providing an interactive platform for both Optometry institutes and prospective undergraduate students exploring various career options and related courses.

•   Promoting Optometry as a career at Times Education Boutique 2014: Chennai, Kolkata and Pune

•   Promoting Optometry as career at the Times Education Boutique 2013: Chennai and Kolkata

» Walk in the Dark

A unique IVI awareness initiative, Walk in the Dark involves walking ‘blind folded’ in a public space led by visually impaired children. Dignitaries, celebrities, opinion makers, and college and school students carrying placards with eye care messages also joined the Walk in support of the cause. 

•   Walk in the Dark - Aizawl

•   Walk in the Dark - Kolkata

•   Walk in the Dark - Goa

•   Walk in the Dark - Bangalore

•   Walk in the Dark - Mumbai

•   Walk in the Dark - Delhi

•   Walk in the Dark - Chennai

•   Walk in the Dark - Hyderabad