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IVI Online Seminars for Optometry Students


IVI Online Seminars for Optometry Students

IVI has been conducting a series of online seminars to benefit the optometry community throughout India. The seminars introduce wide range of topics in optometry which includes recent advancements in optometry, career opportunities, evolving research areas, experiences of key industry experts among several others.

Initiated in 2013, so far approximately 3000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 31 optometry institutions have been benefited from the IVI online seminars.

IVI is pleased to conduct the next series of online seminars exclusive on “Optometry & Public Eye Health” for optometry students.

Participants: Third/Fourth year bachelor and post-graduate optometry students. The registrations are institution based.

Date of Session III: 04-April, 2019                    

Time: 2.00 – 3.00 PM

Seminar Series:  


Theme: Optometry and Public Eye Health



Introduction to public eye health and social responsibility of an optometrist towards community

Completed on

01 March 2019



Comprehensive community eye care -A large scale model

(Organization and Management of Eye Care Programs, Service Delivery models)


Completed on 15 March 2019



Principles of Public Health and Optometry

(optometrist to apply the principles of both the specialities to reach out to the communities to provide care, promote eye health, Advocacy for screening programs for community, Quality of eye care, evidence-based practice and health systems research)



Thursday , 04 April


Mode: The online seminars are conducted via “ZOOM” which is an online platform similar to Skype. Zoom link will be shared two days before the scheduled day.

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