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RESULTS (Round I - Web Round) - IVI Essilor Optometry Wizard of the Year 2018


Results (Round I- Web Round)

We are pleased to announce the winners of Round 1 - Web Round of the IVI Essilor Optometry Wizard of the year 2018.

1) Mehal Rathore

2) Vedalingam Ganesan

3) Viraj Z

4) Simran Parkar

5) Jogendra Rathor

6) Zalak shah  

7) Kinjal Modi 

8) Yasmeen Mulani

9) Suharsha Paidimarri

10) Ketakee Jain

For the Round 2 - Phone-in component, the mentioned finalists will be contacted over phone on a pre-notified date and time. Other details will be emailed to your respective mailbox.

For any queries, please write to (OR) call @ +91 89785 19292

IVI acknowledges the support of 'Essilor India Pvt Ltd' in funding the quiz