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Workshop on assisting Indians who have lost the ability to view the world three dimensionally - Hyderabad

Hyderabad based India Vision Institute (IVI) organized a national workshop on Non Strabismic Binocular Vision Anomalies on 19-20 November, 2012. Participants from eight national optometry schools gained insights on the role of optometry in treating perceptual disorders – an area that is of great need for India. 

The workshop was led by a team of experts from the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Sankara Nethralaya, Sankara Eye Hospital and Drishtikone. International NGO, Optometry Giving Sight provided financial assistance for the workshop and Mr Aditya Goyal from Sankara Eye Hospital worked closely with the IVI team in content development. 

The workshop helped inculcate a practical approach to identify and deal with simple though wider range of complaints starting from headache to the inability to walk, signs often ignored during routine clinical eye examination. It highlighted the importance of approaching the binocular vision anomalies holistically, working in collaboration with other medical streams like neurology. 

Established in October 2011, IVI plays a catalytic role in achieving socially responsible, high quality vision care and an industry that can support excellent eye care for all; state of the art Indian optometry; excellent vision care education; and international leadership in cutting-edge vision care research and development. 

Vinod Daniel, CEO of IVI said the “American professor of Neurobiology, Sue Barry’s experience of gaining stereovision, through optometric vision therapy, after a lifetime of being stereo blind, challenged the conventional wisdom that the brain is wired for perceptual skills during a critical period in early childhood”. He added that this was a fundamental concept that changed how the world viewed stereo blindness and was one of the advances that was highlighted in this workshop. 

The workshop was part of a series of IVI workshops to upgrade the skills of various stakeholders in optometry.