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Aksauhini, committed to vision care in India: National strategic plan for India launched

To enable excellence in vision care and positioning India as a world leader is the focus of Aksauhini, the all-India strategy of the India Vision Institute (IVI). With India having one of the largest populations of avoidable blind and visual impaired individuals in the world; totalling 131 million people, and with a vast majority living in rural areas, the role of IVI is clearly cut out. 

Aksauhini sets out a framework to improve vision care in India by providing excellent and equitable vision care solutions, assist in eliminating visual impairment and avoidable blindness, ensure optometry is a vibrant and recognized profession and assist the development of the Indian vision care industry to become a world leader. Aksauhini will be launched during the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) 9th General Assembly (9GA) in Hyderabad on 16 September 2012. 

On the eve of the launch, Vinod Daniel, CEO IVI, said “Aksauhini will transform how India deals with uncorrected refractive error. Millions of Indians will be grateful for being able to go about their daily life with independence and confidence.” 

Aksauhini is a way of generating the resources needed to achieve state of the art vision care in India and I am very proud of the role of the Australian Government in helping to bring Indian optometry together", said Prof Brien Holden, CEO Brien Holden Vision Institute & Co-Chair, IVI. 

In its inaugural year, IVI has supported optometric professionals with higher education scholarships, skill and capacity building workshops, student seminars; signed MOUs with the Africa Vision Research Institute and the Salus University to promote educational research; and awarded 325 scholarships to enable participation in IAPB 9GA. 

IVI has identified 16 strategic projects for implementation over the next five years with an estimated funding requirement for the first three years of the plan being INR 80 crores. The projects are aimed at raising public awareness and building professional recognition; ramping-up human resource development; ensuring minimum standards of diagnostic and clinical infrastructure; and developing an innovative vision care technology sector in India. 

IVI gratefully acknowledges the continuing ongoing support of the LV Prasad Eye Institute (India) and the Brien Holden Vision Institute (Australia)in delivering on its its mission and vision. 

India Vision Institute (IVI) an initiative of Brien Holden Vision Institute (Sydney, Australia) and LV Prasad Eye Institute (Hyderabad, India)., is a platform for the development of an Indian mega humanitarian industry, a world leading, socially and economically important contribution for advancing vision correction and comprehensive eye disorders. IVI will support research, education and technological development that will advance India to a world platform for health care in vision correction, eye disease and blindness prevention.

For further information about IVI and Aksauhini, please contact: 
Vinod Daniel, CEO & Managing Trustee, India Vision Institute, Hyderabad; # +917893985353;