Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is important to improve clinical performance that ultimately influences the quality of the health outcomes. Well-crafted continuing professional development programs deliver benefits to the individual, their profession and the public. Indian landscape of optometry education and practice demands conceptualizing need based training programs customized to educators, practitioners, students and the industry.

» Online Career Counselling

IVI conducts online career counselling sessions every year during May-July to mentor final year undergraduate and post graduate Optometry students on prospective career choices. The counselling sessions help students across the country get a better understanding of which career is the best choice for them considering their individual interests, skills and abilities.

•   Cracking the Code – Insight into Careers in Optometry - Session I - 2018

•   Career Counselling: Session 4 - 2017

•   Career Counselling: Session 3 - 2016

•   Career Counselling: Session 2 - 2015

•   Career Counselling: Session 1 - 2014

» Online Seminar Series for Optometry Professionals

To address a tremendous need to keep educating practicing optometrists nationally and concentrate on the requirement of professional development among the Indian practitioners, the online seminar series aims to benefit the practitioners by providing the drive to progress their career, be competitive in their respective institutions and ultimately make them more employable.

•   Session VIII – Our Children’s Vision: A Global Campaign

•   Session VII - Accommodative Spasm: A Clinical Spectrum from Ugly to Beautiful

•   Session VI - Latest Designs in Rose-K Lenses

•   Session V – Optometry Giving Sight

•   Session IV - Refractive Prescribing for Athletes

•   Session III - Light: Friend or Foe?

•   Session II - Charles Bonnet Syndrome

•   Session I - Low Vision Assessment

» Speciality Workshops

Organized in partnership with nationally and internationally renowned optometry institutions and organizations, Speciality workshops focus on building capacities of students, educators and practitioners in speciality practices including Contact Lenses, Vision & ergonomics, Dispensing, Binocular vision, Paediatric Optometry, Ocular diseases, and Geriatric Optometry among others.  

•   Workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy for Optometrist - Trivandrum

•   Workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy for Optometrists - Shillong

•   Workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy for Optometrists - Manipal

•   Workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy for Optometrists - Surat

•   Workshop on Diabetic Retinopathy for Optometrists - Kolkata

•   Workshop on Ocular Prosthesis

•   Workshop on Optics and Dispensing

•   Speciality fitting in Contact Lenses

•   Clinical Skill Enhancement Program

•   A Workshop on Ocular Prosthetics

•   Optics for Optometrists

•   Workshop on Ocular Implications of Systemic Diseases

•   Perfecting the art of Spectacle Dispensing - Moradabad

•   Change the game: a workshop on Sports Vision – Kolkata and Delhi

•   Optometric Management of Glaucoma - Hyderabad

•   Optometric management of Glaucoma: IVI - IOA initiative - Agra

•   The art of Clinical refraction & dispensing – Indore

•   Optometry Professional Development Workshop: an ASCO - IVI initiative

•   Refraction techniques and Clinical Implications, Ernakulam

•   Geriatric Optometry: What the young minds should know - Hyderabad

•   Myopia – current research trends and treatment strategies - Hyderabad

•   Refraction techniques and clinical implications - Erode

•   ‘Paedisight’ - Workshop on Paediatric Optometry – Bangalore

•   The Art and Science of Contact Lens Fitting - Moradabad

•   Vision and Occupation - Hyderabad

•   Optometry Professional Development Workshop IV: an ASCO - IVI initiative

•   Optometry Professional Development Workshop III: an ASCO - IVI initiative

•   Optometry Professional Development Workshop II: ASCO-IVI initiative

•   Optometry Professional Development Workshop I : An ASCO - IVI initiative

•   Capacity building Program for Educators in Eastern India

•   Non Strabismic Binocular Vision Anomalies - Hyderabad

•   Public Eye Health - Hyderabad

» Industry Development Workshops

IVI collaborates with identified partners in delivering customized training programs to both organized and unorganized sector with emphasis on customer satisfaction, and effective marketing models along with specific practice patterns. Spread over 3-4 days, the workshops highlight basics of clinical examination of the visual system, optics, dispensing and its techniques, and soft skills. 

•   Workshop on Advancements in Progressive Addition Lenses at Hyderabad

•   Capacity building for Ben Franklin sales staff

•   Capacity building workshop for National Ophthalmic Association at Jaipur, Rajasthan

•   Essentials of Spectacle Dispensing - Angamaly

•   IVI-NVG Capacity building workshop for NOA at Siliguri, West Bengal

•   Essentials of Spectacle Dispensing, Kondotty

•   IVI-NVG Capacity building workshop for NOA at Raipur, Chhattisgarh

•   Essentials of Spectacle Dispensing, Pondicherry

•   IVI-NVG Capacity building workshop for NOA at Nanded, Maharashtra

•   Essentials of Spectacle Dispensing: Coimbatore

•   Capacity building workshop for National Ophthalmic Association: Ranchi

•   Essentials of spectacle dispensing: Kanyakumari

•   Capacity Building Workshop for Optical Dispensers of Reliance - Vision Express

•   Capacity building workshop for National Ophthalmic Association: Patna

•   Capacity building workshop for National Ophthalmic Association: Aurangabad

•   Essentials of Spectacle Dispensing: Chennai

•   Essentials of Spectacle Dispensing: Chennai and Hyderabad

•   The Art of Spectacle Dispensing

» Summer Internship

Initiated in 2014 IVI short term Summer Internship Program offers an opportunity for students of Optometry to gain first-hand experience of working with the IVI team on projects promoting Optometry in India, including assisting in program planning and implementation, preparing activity reports and other documentation, and research. The program is designed to help undergraduate students explore an environment beyond their class and clinic.

•   Summer Internship 2017 -2018

•   Summer Internship 2016 -2017

•   Summer Internship 2015-2016

•   Summer Internship 2014-2015

» Collaborative Workshops with Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy

In collaboration with Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy, IVI offers a series of courses under the aegis of EYETEACH directed towards educators and practitioners in understanding the role of problem-based learning in engaging students and preparing students for professional practice, and develop research and effectively share their research findings. 

BHVIA EyeTeach Clinician to Educator: The two-day workshop introduces the concepts of best practice in learning and teaching, and developing teaching skills in optometry.

BHVIA Research Methodology: Organized in collaboration with (African Vision Research Institute (AVRI), the workshop assists eye health cadres develop research skills and effective sharing of research findings in the form of scientific papers, reports and peer reviewed articles.

BHVIA Biostatistics and Scientific Writing: Organized in collaboration with AVRI, the workshop focuses on strengthening research skills of optometry students, educators and practitioners, including in data analysis, result interpretation and effective science communication.

•   Workshop on Pediatric Optometry

•   BHVI Academy EyeTeach© Workshop: Introduction to Research Methodology and Scientific Writing - Navsari, Gujarat

•   BHVI Academy EyeTeach©: From Clinician to Educator workshops – Kerala and Gujarat

•   BHVI Academy EyeTeach© Biostatistics and Scientific Writing Workshop - Hyderabad

•   BHVI Academy EyeTeach©: From Clinician to Educator workshops - Coimbatore

•   BHVI Academy EyeTeach©: From Clinician to Educator workshops – Gurgaon

•   Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy EyeTeach©: From Clinician to Educator workshops – Chennai

•   BHVI Academy EyeTeach© Research Methodology workshop in collaboration with ARVI - Chennai

•   Biostatistics and Scientific Writing - Hyderabad

•   ICEE Research Methodology - Hyderabad

•   ICEE EyeTeach II - Hyderabad

•   ICEE EyeTeach I - Hyderabad

» Faculty Support Program

The IVI Faculty Support Program (FSP) initiated in 2013 provides an opportunity for select faculty members from emerging optometry schools to gain first-hand experience in a core optometry specialty subject, for a period of up to 15 days, with an established optometry school or eye hospital in India.

The tailor made program focuses on the subject from an academic perspective incorporating curriculum discussions, identifying the available resources, lecture delivery methods and observation, and various evaluation patterns in offered optometry streams. 

•   FSP with LVPEI- Round II- Geometrical Optics

•   FSP with LVPEI - Round II - Binocular Vision

•   FSP with LVPEI - Round I - Low Vision

•   FSP with LVPEI - Round I - Binocular Vision

•   FSP with Manipal University-School of Allied Health Sciences- Binocular Vision

•   FSP with Bharati Vidyapeeth- School of Optometry- Dispensing Optics

» Low Vision Awareness Program

Organized in association with LV Prasad Eye Institute, the one-day Low Vision Awareness Program (LAP) is conceptualized to strengthen the basic concepts and skills of evaluating and prescribing appropriate low vision aids, in addition to discussing technological advances in low vision. 

•   38th Low vision Awareness Program (LAP)

•   37th Low Vision Awareness Program

•   35th Low Vision Awareness Program Plus

•   34th Low Vision Awareness Program

•   33rd Low Vision Awareness Program

•   32nd Low Vision Awareness Program

•   31st Low Vision Awareness Program

•   30th Low Vision Awareness Program

•   29th Low Vision Awareness Program

•   28th Low Vision Awareness Program

•   27th Low Vision Awareness Program