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Perfecting the Art of Spectacle Dispensing

The India Vision Institute (IVI) organized a workshop on “Perfecting the art of spectacle dispensing” in collaboration with C L Gupta Eye Institute in Moradabad on 1 March 2015.

“As part of the IVI capacity building initiative, the workshop trained optometry students and practitioners to make better decisions in diagnosing and prescribing spectacles, while taking into account the actual requirement, comfort and aesthetics, leading to patient comfort and satisfaction.”, IVI CEO, Mr Vinod Daniel, said on the occasion.

“Through a series of workshops held in collaboration with partner organizations including the C L Gupta Eye Institute, IVI continues to upgrade the skills of optometry professionals to ensure excellence in eye care delivery”, Mr Daniel added.

“Spectacle Dispensing is one of the most important areas of eye care services because 70-80% of patient needs any kind of optical correction when visiting an eye care service. This kind of workshop was never done in this area and I feel this will definitely create more competencies among Optometrists, Opticians and Students that will help them to serve the patients better. The response to the workshop was overwhelming and I extend my complements on the professional standards and skills of the speakers. The facilitators brought relevant examples
and made the presentation enjoyable and at the same time understandable.” Dr. Ashi Khurana, Vice-Chairman CL Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, said on the occasion.

The workshop covered a range of topics including basics of optics and refraction, modalities of lenses, lens materials and coatings, advanced lens designs, frame types and measurements, types of bifocals and progressive lenses; dispensing techniques; PD measurements, trouble- shooting as well as case studies on dispensing.

The workshop was attended by over 120 optometry students from C L Gupta Eye Institute, Ram Ganga Health Institute and TMU University in Moradabad; Raja Ram Memorial Hospital in Jaipur, SRMH University in Bareilly; Jyothi College of engineering and paramedical sciences in Lucknow. Practitioners from Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital in Delhi and faculty members and opticians from in and around Moradabad also participated.

Ms. Sandhya Shekar, IVI Program Manager and Mr Kulbhushan Singh, Senior Manager -Professional Services, Essilor India Pvt. Ltd. facilitated the workshop.

Established in October 2011, IVI acts as a catalyst to help India achieve socially responsible, high quality vision care and an industry that can support: excellent eye care available to all; state of the art Indian optometry; excellent eye care education; international leadership in cutting-edge vision care research and development; and viable Indian vision and optical industry, playing a substantial part in global eye care. IVI is an initiative of the L V Prasad Eye Institute of Hyderabad and the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney.

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Image 1: Participants at the workshop in Moradabad

Image 2: Participants at a session during the workshop in Moradabad